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Kaaren Styles is a Multi-Media Artist based out of Miami with roots in Pittsburgh and Detroit. Coming from a diverse background of influences, Styles is a versatile writer, vocalist and freestyle rapper on a mission to share both ugly truth and messages of love. Committed to being herself one hundred percent she hopes to be a positive influence for younger women.Her name “Styles” rings true when she decides to perform with a live band, getting sultry and saucy for intimate audiences. Under the name Kaaren Alise, her first international release in 2003 was a collaboration with Jamaican artist Jah Mason called “Who Dem A Ramp Wit”, a dancehall inspired roots track.

She has the unique ability to adapt to the crowd, the music, the energy of her audience or her collaborator, putting music over money. Kaaren Styles feels blessed to have experience being in front of and behind the camera. After working for ID Labs Studio and Slip N Slide Records she gained knowledge that would help her navigate her dreams on her own terms. With a BA in Film & Video her resume also includes working for ID Labs Studio, interning for Slip N Slide Records, casting for multiple reality shows as well as hosting and producing for Universe Network Television.


Additionally her natural talent in hair styling has allowed her to work with multiple celebrities. In 2011 she was awarded for her success as an International Hair Stylist by Positive Teen Magazine and Bijoux Hair. She then founded Make N Style as a resource for freelance artists in South Florida. A modern renaissance woman. An Artist of Style.

Many remember a time when MTV was all about music and culture of those who did not identify with mainstream media. Kaaren has joined DJ Radamas and the UNTV team to help create an online entertainment network that gets back to content from the people, not producers. With a degree in FIlm & Video from Penn State University, Kaaren works both in front of and behind the camera. You can catch her online Fridays from 6-8pm EST hosting The Rich Flo Show and Sundays 12-2pm EST for the Styles From The Underground




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